Church leaders need people to need the church

When it comes to why people leave church, there are no shortage of blogs discussing the topic. But few are talking about the systemic issues that answer the question. Probing the systemic issues such as power, greed, codependency, legalism​, worldliness and control, instead of just touching on isolated and unfortunate things that have driven people out of church is a lot like the difference between hard hitting journalism vs delivering the local weather forecast. Leaders with a vested interest in the church system never go to the deep issues, for reasons that are obvious but always unspoken. They never talk about people wanting to pursue Jesus outside of the edifices of religion – to admit this is to allow for the possibility that the local church as an organization is failing and is obsolete. That something is fundamentally broken. That people are actually waking up. That God Himself may be calling them and that many are answering that call. You see, Church leaders need people to need the church. This is why they always talk about the church as flawed and imperfect, but…. still the great hope of the world, still worth giving our lives to, etc. The thing is, Jesus didn’t say that the old wineskin was “flawed and imperfect, but still worth working with” No. He said it was useless. Complete rubbish. It was no good for its purpose. We need a total overhaul in our paradigm, don’t we?

One thought on “Church leaders need people to need the church”

  1. Steph, this phenomenon has always baffled me too. Most of these people know they are lying between their teeth about the importance of people subscribing to their organizations. Fortunately Jesus had a fitting prescription that He would administer to them: “No stone will be left on top of another…” What a fitting epitaph to an obsolete order!

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