Questions for my next church

I don’t see myself darkening the door of an institutional church ever again, but here are some questions I would ask right at the beginning if I ever did:

1) Money

Do you teach that tithing is a New Covenant practice?  Is church money an open book topic?  How do you spend money here?  Who decides how money is spent?  How do you get people to give?  

2) Dissent/disagreement

I left my last church because I asked uncomfortable questions that the leaders didn’t like and they considered me a troublemaker.  How do you deal with situations of conflict?  Are people free to disagree?  Must disagreement only happen through prescribed channels or can respectful disagreement happen in an open forum?  What are the non negotiables in order for people to fellowship here?

3) Authority & Accountability

Who is in charge here?  How are the leaders held accountable?  Do leaders here have titles?  What is the chain of command here like? Can anyone participate in meetings, as the Spirit leads?  What are your views on spiritual abuse?  What do you feel is the job description of the pastor?

4) Politics & War

What are your views on politics, war, modern day Israel, and enemy love?

5) The state of the American church

Why do you think so many people are leaving Christendom and seeking fellowship outside of the 4 walls of church buildings?  Tell me what you think about churches being incorporated/charitable (the pros/cons).

What topics would you ask about if you could?

I am sure that my application for membership would be sent back if it came with the above list of questions!!  šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

3 thoughts on “Questions for my next church”

  1. Hahaha! Yup,it would come back as blank as you sent it.My questions would be:

    How does God fit in your 5-year church growth plan if He ever does?

    How come the only time the flock lead the leadership it is about giving?

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