Traditions of Man

Here’s a list – by no means exhaustive – of man made traditions I have encountered!  

– You should tithe 10% of your income to the church (do not give this money anywhere else, directly to the poor, etc.  that doesn’t count)

– You should entrust the church with the stewardship of your money (don’t ask questions about how it is spent)

– You should inform the church of how much you tithe so the institution can issue a tax receipt to you.

– You should have your new babies “dedicated to God” in a special service

– You should attend weekly church services

Spiritual teaching comes to us via a 45 minute monologue each Sunday.  This is the most important spiritual part of the week.

– You are expected to celebrate the major holidays that the church recognizes – namely Easter and Christmas.

Pastor is a profession and as such, they should get paid a market-related salary.

Church buildings are necessary.

Sunday School is extremely important and foundational to your child’s spiritual journey.

– You should never question authority or be disagreeable.  If you do have a disagreement, do not under any circumstances, talk about it amongst other members.  That is divisive.  The only acceptable approach is to discuss it with church leadership.

– You should honor the pastor/preacher by being absolutely loyal and obedient.

– Your children should not be disruptive during the church service.

– You should partake of a wafer and sip of juice with the other members of your church to commemorate Jesus’ death and to symbolize the unity of the body of Christ

– You should not participate in the service (other than following instructions/or what everyone else does – sit, stand, clap, etc) unless expressly permitted/asked to do so by the leadership.

– You may exercise your spiritual gifts by volunteering in the prescribed ministries/programs that the church offers, and your cell group.

Does anyone wonder about this stuff?  Or am I just being hypercritical, divisive and a general troublemaker? 😀

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