Playing the victim

Just some random musings today…

Persecution always flows down a hierarchy. Never up. The victims of persecution are always below their persecutors in the perceived hierarchy of dominance. When powerful people “play the victim” and claim to be persecuted by those whom they oppress, it is just another attempt to manipulate and deceive.  In their desperation to retain control, they may commence flattery, feign altruism and deep love, play on your sympathies and just generally attempt to throw their subordinates into confusion. But remember this: bullies do not suffer persecution. What they do develop is a martyr complex.  When the truth is spoken, and their deeds and motives are brought into the light, we must understand what is actually going on… what oppressors falsely call “persecution” is actually a courageous struggle for liberation by those who dared to stand up and speak the truth.  This act of courage strikes fear into the hearts of those who would control you, and sends them into a dizzying damage control frenzy, because it gravely threatens their chokehold on the people.

2 thoughts on “Playing the victim”

    1. Yes, so true. In toxic church cultures, “playing the victim” is often a tactic used to keep the people loyal and sympathetic to them, while simultaneously alienating the truth-teller. It is very abusive behaviour 😦
      Thanks for your comment, blessings!!


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