In search of a more authentic Christianity

Authenticity.  Transparency.  Depth.  Meaning.  These are things that are woefully lacking in church these days.  We float along superficially, not bound together by Christ and the bonds of love, but enslaved and shackled by the fetters of institutional obligation and the artificial boundaries of local church connections.

Ugh.  It is so wearying and burdensome.  So tiring and back breaking.  Relationships are so wooden and hollow.  This is not the life that Christ has for us.  Sending a Christian to your average Sunday church service is like sticking a living organism into an anaerobic environment and expecting it to grow, nay, thrive.  Ain’t gonna happen.

Something in the very deepest part of me wants to run far far away from church.  Not the people for whom I deeply care, but the system.  The services.  The put-on-ness of the entire thing.  It’s a lousy, manufactured, drummed up, weak, image-conscious counterfeit for the real deal.  My soul is tired of the show, the going-through-the-meaningless-motions… aren’t you?  In pursuit of Christ, my soul knows He is to be found outside of the fabricated, synthetic confines of an institution.  Institutions stifle and suffocate the very life of God within His body!

Freedom…. that’s what I seek… liberation from the control of anything and anyone but the Spirit of God…. freedom to serve and worship and love and seek and probe and know and ask and discover the great depths of a great God… not alone, but with others who want to know Christ in truth!  Freedom from the legalistic snare of church, freedom from the hypocrisy that is rife within the system, freedom from the man-made traditions and the peer pressure that accompany the institutional setting, freedom to follow the leading of God’s Spirit and to experience true spiritual unity and not that conformity which is borne out of artificial borders traced around a shared church logo.  Freedom to disagree and discern, and freedom to be heard and to hear, freedom from reprisal and from unspoken rules and expectations and protocol.  Freedom from the secrecy that accompanies church, and the mind games and efforts to control people, bully people, and just generally impression-manage.  It is all so wearying, and I am so over it.

Lord, lead us on…….. light our way with the wisdom from above.  Guide us out of slavery and into true liberty…..

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