Old wine skins for new wine?

Just had a bit of an epiphany about the awesome new covenant 😀

The old, Mosaic covenant was concerned with spiritual hierarchy and mediation by man, physical location for worship, limited access to God’s presence, etc.

The Spirit of God had not been poured out on believers yet.

Now that the Spirit of the Lord dwells in each of us, what would we need physical temples for?  What would we need hierarchy for?  What would we need a mediator for (other than Jesus, as we learn in Scripture!!)?

the NEW WINE of the better covenant cannot be contained in the OLD WINESKIN of forms and structures like those of Mosaic times.

We ALL have access to God by the Spirit and through Jesus Christ our sacrificial Lamb and merciful High Priest!

The institutional church with its hierarchies and structures is a defacto rejection of the priesthood of all believers and the power and blessings that belong to the entire company of the saints!  Get into the word of God and learn the truth!!

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