Why I Quit Tithing (and you can too)

Yay! Seasons of refreshing indeed! 🙂

Seasons of Refreshing

Spending a lifetime in the organized religion, I have always heard about “tithing 10%”.  It was a must.  If you want to be a really good Christian (whatever that means), and have God’s blessing on your life then tithing is a non-negotiable.

As the years went by and I began to grow in my faith, I began to see inconsistencies between the church of America and the church of the Bible.  I saw inconsistencies in the way the church was managed and run, inconsistencies in priorities, inconsistencies in leadership, and mostly inconsistencies in tithing philosophy.

Most people’s (especially unbelievers) biggest complaint against the church is that they are all about money.  I began to study this thing of tithing, to see what the truth really is.  What I found, and will endeavor to show you in the next few paragraphs, is that tithing, though biblical, is an unChristian activity.

Tithing in the Bible

The tithe was something…

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