Cell group musings

Sometimes, when thinking and reading about the church (institution), I come across the reasons that people have become disenfranchised … among these reasons are things like this:

– no true fellowship, just shallow relationships, it’s more like a meet and greet.

– no real opportunities to serve or minister

– feels like a performance/show and I am just a spectator

– I can’t contribute to the meeting or raise any questions, it’s a one way street

– feels like a money grab, we are always being asked or guilted into funding the organization

In response to these experiences, it is often countered that the cell group (and not the Sunday meeting) is the place/context intended to meet these needs for deep fellowship, ministry, outreach, service and dialogue.  So join a cell group, they say.

So then, if cell groups are the place where all the significant and meaningful stuff happens, what’s the point of the Sunday meeting anyways? :-/

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