Are you free?

I read an interesting article this morning and it got me thinking about freedom – specifically the freedoms of Christians within organized church establishments.  If you are a Christian who attends/considers yourself a member of an institutional church, do you consider yourself free?  More to the point, do you consider yourself free to hold and express opinions and interpretations that differ from the leadership?  Do you find yourself defaulting to the leadership’s viewpoint or do you assume their version and understanding is correct?  Would it/Does it ever occur to you that they might be gravely incorrect?  If so, do you feel free to challenge anything you disagree with?  Are you able to, and do you regularly, try to evaluate objectively the things taught and said from the leadership?  Do you ever try to play the devil’s advocate?  Do you rely on the leadership to provide you with God’s perspective?  Do you ever wonder if the leadership’s perspective is really God’s perspective?  Are you free?

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